How to lose weight quickly and effectively at home?

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Wondering if you can lose weight at home on your own? Believe me, you are not alone in this. Among the inhabitants of our country, excess weight worries every quarter. At the same time, according to WHO statistics, about 1. 5 billion people in the world, which is about 20% of the total world population, suffer from obesity.

This relatively young disease, whose mass distribution began in the second half of the 20th century, has now become widespread. Therefore, in some countries the problem of overweight is addressed at the state level, but in most cases it is up to you to solve it yourself. Let's figure out how to independently create an effective weight loss program and not harm your health.

To achieve the goal, you need to pay attention to:

  • motivation,
  • proper nutrition,
  • diet
  • physical stress.

Let's consider each aspect in more detail. But first, let's define what overweight is and how to understand that you have it.

The concept of overweight and its causes

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Obesity can develop independently or against the background of another disease. In ordinary life, it can be grams and kilograms superimposed on a person's normal weight. To understand how unnecessary they are, you need to calculate the body mass index. It is determined by dividing body weight (in kg) by the square of height (m):

BMI = weight (kg) / height2 (m2)

If the resulting figure is more than 25, this indicates the presence of overweight, more than 30 - obesity.
Let's give an example of calculation. A girl 165 cm tall weighs 80 kg. Replace our values in the formula:

80 / 1. 652 = 80 / 2. 7225 = 29. 38

BMI 29. 38 indicates overweight, on the verge of obesity.

The reason may be:

  • genetic disposition,
  • sedentary lifestyle,
  • too much food.

When talking about hereditary predisposition, it is necessary to take into account not only genetics, but also eating behavior. If there is a food cult in the family and the parents are overweight, most likely their children will face the same problem. If parents do not play sports, lead a sedentary life and spend all their free time at home watching TV, these habits will be inherited by their children.

These are the causes of primary obesity. Secondary obesity develops against the background of more serious diseases. It is usually closely associated with Cushing's syndrome, pituitary gland pathology, thyroid gland, gonads, and hypothalamus. The accumulation of adipose tissue can be the result of taking antidepressants, corticosteroids and female hormonal drugs.

In order to understand what to strategize to combat excess weight, it is necessary to distinguish the primary disease from the secondary. Symptomatic obesity is treated simultaneously with the underlying disease. If overeating is due to physical inactivity and heredity, a person should pull himself together and change his lifestyle. It will help with motivation and control by an expert in this matter.

However, the most common cause of overweight is a slow metabolism or metabolism. This concept means the process of breaking down substances obtained from food and releasing the energy necessary to maintain all processes in the body. Metabolism, in general and only with age, can slow down as a result of improper diet and lifestyle.

The good news is that a slow metabolism can be normalized. Step by step, you will be able to get your metabolism back to normal and put you on a path to a healthy weight and fitness.

The metabolic acceleration program works simultaneously in four directions:

  • mental attitude and motivation
  • cleaning and nutrition
  • water balance,
  • physical exercise.

Where to find the motivation to lose weight as quickly as possible?

Before choosing a weight loss method, you must set the goal and choose a reward for achieving it. Any attempt will seem pointless if you do not know why you are losing weight. Motivation can be the simplest - you can "fit" with your favorite clothes, surprise everyone at the corporate party, improve your health.

Set realistic deadlines when choosing a goal. It is impossible to quickly lose the weight accumulated over the years. If you are worried about the extra 10 kg, it is unlikely that you will get rid of them in 14 days without harm to your health. But the 6-month period already seems more realistic.

How to lose weight with proper nutrition?

proper nutrition for weight loss

No matter how quickly you want to get in shape, in any case, you will have to learn how to choose the right products and monitor your well-being. The daily diet should be rich in nutrients, but at the same time correspond to the daily calorie intake. This is what distinguishes proper nutrition from a diet that implies a lack of certain active ingredients.

For effective weight loss, it is necessary to master the diet:

  • low glycemic index raw, cooked or boiled vegetables and fruits;
  • vegetable or animal protein (chicken, turkey, lean fish, rabbit meat, seafood, eggs);
  • complex carbohydrates (whole grains, whole grain bread, durum wheat pasta).

Eating a healthy and balanced diet will help you stay positive and reach scale faster.

Experts recommend using the plate rule to establish the diet: at breakfast, the plate should be 60% protein / 40% fat. For lunch: ½ - vegetables and root vegetables + berries and fruits, ¼ - complex carbohydrate side dish, ¼ - protein food. 50% vegetables / 50% protein for dinner.

If you prefer food restrictions, you should add vitamin-mineral complexes to your daily diet to support healthy digestion.

Calculate your daily calorie intake

Athletes who regularly monitor their figure eventually stop torturing themselves with exhausting diets, drying and cheating meals. They can afford sweets and their favorite sweets - just stick to their daily calorie intake. It is also necessary to calculate this for those who are looking for a real way to lose weight fast.

The body needs energy to maintain its metabolism and normal functioning. The amount of this energy may vary depending on age, physical parameters and activity level. If the calorie intake is exceeded by more than 15-20%, that is, if the person consumes more nutrients than his body needs, this will gradually lead to obesity. On the contrary, a calorie deficit of 15-20% will contribute to weight loss.

Use the Harris-Benedict formula, developed in 1919 and added in 1984, to calculate daily calorie intake. Here you need to know your height in cm, your weight and your age. Men also use a coefficient of 88. 36, women - 447. 6. Other stable coefficients are the same for both sexes.

For women, the formula looks like this:

447. 6 + (9. 2 × weight [kg]) + (3. 1 × height [cm]) - (4, 3 × age [years])

For example, you are a 35-year-old woman who is 165 cm tall and weighs 60 kg. Your daily calorie intake:
447. 6 + (9. 2 x 60) + (3. 1 x 165) - (4, 3 x 35) = 1364. 1

The resulting value should be multiplied by the coefficient of the level of physical activity. It can be minimum (1. 2), low (1. 375), moderate (1. 55), high (1. 725), and very high (1. 9).

Let's say you go to the gym 1-2 times a week. This is the average level of activity, so we get a coefficient of 1. 55. 1364. Multiplying 1 by 1. 55 we get 2114 kcal.

Men calculate their daily calorie intake according to the same principle, but using different coefficients:

88. 36 + (13. 4 × weight [kg]) + (4. 8 × height [cm]) - (5. 7 × age [years])

For example, you are a 40-year-old male who is 178 cm tall and weighs 80 kg. The calculation will be made according to the following formula:
88. 36 + (13. 4 x 80) + (4. 8 x 178) - (5. 7 x 40) = 1786

We turn to the coefficient of activity level. Let's say you do not play sports and lead a sedentary lifestyle. So, 1786 1. 2 should be multiplied by 2. Accordingly, your daily calorie intake is 2143 kcal.
This is the number of calories you need to consume each day if you want to stay fit.

Accordingly, it should be lowered for weight loss (taking into account body mass index) and increased for gain. If you plan to lose weight slowly, safely and with long-term results, reduce your daily calorie intake by 250 calories. If you want to lose weight faster - 500 calories per day.

However, remember: you need to eat to lose weight. Therefore, you should not consume too few calories. The minimum value for women is 1200 kcal per day, for men - 1400 kcal. However, these are very general recommendations. To correctly calculate the safe minimum for yourself, contact a specialist who will take full account of your physical parameters, state of health and lifestyle.

drink more water

If you don't know how to lose weight fast, start by creating a drinking regimen. To get rid of excess body weight, you need to drink at least 1. 5 liters of water per day. This will ensure a normal water-salt balance and vital activity of the body. In order for all organs and systems to function properly, a person must consume and expel the same amount of water. If it enters the body in insufficient quantity, it threatens:

  • an increase in blood viscosity;
  • an increase in body temperature;
  • violation of the oxygen supply of tissues;
  • increased breathing and heart rate;
  • nausea and a feeling of thirst;
  • decrease in performance.

Scientists have found that for every kilogram of body weight you need to consume 30-40 ml of water. Accordingly, the daily norm for an adult is about 2. 5 liters. Here, we are not only talking about clean drinking water, but also the liquid contained in the food and produced as a result of natural biochemical reactions in the body.

People with kidney problems are advised to use the test sip method. Its essence lies in the fact that you should always keep a bottle of water at hand. As soon as you think you're thirsty, take a little quiz - just take a sip of water and stop listening to your feelings. If you have pleasant sensations, pleasure and thirst, drink more until quenched. If you feel discomfort, don't force yourself to drink, try it later. Your body will always give you the most accurate clues, the main thing is to learn to hear it.

List of foods to avoid

With proper nutrition, you can not only lose weight quickly, but also maintain the final form. To do this, you need to exclude harmful foods from the diet:

  • ready-made sauces, ketchup and mayonnaise;
  • factory-made sweets rich in fat and sugar;
  • packaged juices;
  • sweet carbonated drinks;
  • Fast food;
  • alcohol, which is characterized by high calorie content and the ability to retain water in the body for a long time.

To lose weight fast, you do not need to completely remove fat from the diet. These are needed for the brain, immune system and internal organs to function effectively. In addition, oils are needed to maintain the health and elasticity of the skin and hair. Mass fractions in the daily diet should not be more than 20%. You can replenish your fat supply with nut, avocado, olive or other vegetable oils.

Can a person lose weight by changing the menu?

choosing between healthy and unhealthy food

No matter how quickly you want to reach your goal, the basis of weight loss should be a properly formed menu. Many nutritionists recommend adhering to a mono diet, in which the basis of the menu for each day is one product or group of products.

If you are interested in this approach, consider your approximate diet for a week.

  1. Monday.On the first day, try to eat only fresh, boiled, stewed or baked vegetables, as well as vegetable juices. Avoid fried foods. Replace tea and coffee with lemon and ginger juice.
  2. Tuesday.Eat boiled, stewed or baked dishes made from veal, chicken or rabbit meat. Prepare approximately 600-900 g of meat and divide into three equal meals. For water, herbal teas and decoctions during breaks.
  3. Wednesday.Carbs on the third day. You can dilute your diet with fresh or cooked fruits, vegetables, berries, natural low-fat yogurt, unsweetened coffee or tea.
  4. Thursday.The diet of the fourth day should include different soups. You can replace borscht with pickles, vegetable puree soup or beetroot.
  5. Friday.On the fifth day, add fish to the menu. You can boil it or stew it with vegetables. Maintain water balance with water and kefir with a fat content of not more than 1%.
  6. Saturday.On the sixth day, you can add a donut or muffin to your diet. But don't overdo the amount of cooking to stick to the plan.
  7. Market.You can dilute the diet with boiled potatoes and other vegetables with spices and seasonings.

If you are satisfied with the result at the end of the week, you can try to wait another 1-2 weeks. This will help consolidate it and then reconsider the diet or change the strategy.

If you failed to achieve the goal by following this meal plan, the strategy was ineffective. You can continue to eat in the same way for the next few weeks or limit yourself to some food. You can choose buckwheat, apples, kefir or another one-component diet. This means that you need to set aside one day a week, during which you can eat only buckwheat, kefir or apples.

Is it possible to lose weight by following the regimen

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How to lose weight fast? Try rethinking your daily routine. It also helps maintain health, fitness and wellness. Nature has provided us with a biological clock that regulates digestion. For example, at 7 a. m. they trigger the production of cortisol, an energizing hormone. That's why you should start the day with breakfast.

After about 3 hours, the energy level in the morning decreases. The optimal time for the first snack is 10: 00. It should not exceed 10% of the daily diet.

As a rule, most people have lunch at 13: 00, that is, about 6 hours after waking up. In this technique you need to include most of your daily calorie intake (up to 30%). It is enough to support the body until dinner. If you don't compensate for your daily calorie intake, you will be drawn to unhealthy snacks and sweets. Try to eat foods containing protein and complex carbohydrates for lunch.

If you do not adhere to the meal schedule during the day, hunger may awaken in the evening, which will force you to eat everything in the refrigerator. The regimen is needed not only for effective weight loss - it will make it possible to supply the body with the substances needed to perform certain functions at different times throughout the day.

With the help of sleep, you can effectively fight extra pounds. Swedish scientists discovered that people with insomnia consume much more food. Sometimes this difference can go up to 40%. The same can be said for people who are tormented by nightmares. So if you want the easiest and most effective way to lose weight, start with proper sleep.

For this:

  • train yourself to lie down at the same time;
  • do not smoke or drink alcohol at least 4 hours before bedtime;
  • ventilate the room where you sleep before going to bed;
  • avoid foods containing caffeine;
  • do not eat spicy, sweet and heavy foods at night;
  • take evening walks;
  • exercise in the morning.

A deep night's sleep helps activate the fat burning process – and you can effectively lose weight just by getting enough sleep.

How to lose weight with exercise

exercise for weight loss

Before you start losing weight, you need to evaluate your physical fitness. It is unlikely that you will regain a normal shape without sports and then maintain it for a long time. You can start with home exercises, gradually connecting complex sports equipment, and then start classes in the gym. Strength exercises and complex acrobatic movements are not recommended while in a calorie deficit.

To burn the accumulated fat, you need to focus on:

  • cardio exercises;
  • dance;
  • aerobic;
  • easy runs

The easier it is for you to complete them, the more time and energy you spend on them. 30 minutes a day is all it takes to get started. In addition, this period should be spent working the whole body, especially the abdomen, hips and legs.

How to tighten the abdomen and thighs

You need to start losing weight with exercises that help draw the rectus and oblique abdominal muscles. They help reduce the volume in the chest and waist. These exercises include:

  • body lift;
  • press exercises;
  • body tilts left and right;
  • twist;
  • 45 degree leg raise, lying on the floor.

One of the best sports equipment for home exercises is a regular chair with a back. Sit on it, rest your hands on the seat and gradually raise your legs so that they are parallel to the floor. A few sets of 20-25 repetitions are enough, they are done for 20 minutes with short breaks.

The hip area is considered one of the most difficult, as it requires effort to work at home. To visually adjust the sound of the hips, you need to:

  • slow squat,
  • squats in "sumo" or "plie" pose,
  • squats on one leg - "gun".

If you do leg movements regularly, you can work the inner surface of the thigh and reduce its volume.

How to make legs visually slimmer

For visual correction of the shape and volume of the legs, the use of different types of squats is effective. They can be done with or without weights, with and without rotation, and can also be combined with swings, lunges, jumps, and knee-to-chest raises. Plank every day to strengthen your legs, arms and back.

We are confident that with the right approach to losing weight, you will get excellent results. The main thing is to lose weight with care and love for yourself. Good luck!